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Search Engine Submission, also called search engine registration involves listing your website with search engines. Proper search engine registration can have a powerful effect. About 85% of internet users stop at Google, Yahoo, MSN or AOL to search for specific product or services and billions of dollars are being earned annually by large Internet services for online product sales.

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search engine submission

Search engine submission involves Free Listing and/or Paid Programs (also called Paid Listing). Free listing is available for few search engines that allows to submit the website free of cost while Paid Listing involve submission cost depending on the budget of the site owner. Paid Programs speed up the listing process and generate more search engine related traffic to your website.

Search engine registration can be done by anyone but to make it more effective, SEO consultant is required with specialized knowledge. We, at Shrushti Infotech, possess excellent track record of search engine marketing. Getting listing in search engines does not mean your website rank well for particular keywords, but it indicates that search engines know that your web pages exist. We have worked for various types of business websites and have successfully achieved high ranking in extremely competitive categories with highly competitive keyword phrases. <br><br>

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