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Search Engine Ranking or Search Engine Positioning means to get good position over the search engines for the most appropriate describing the content of your site OR those keywords on which you would like to be searched for. This is what we called SEO. The ultimate goal of every company who held search engine promotion campaign, to get position in at least top 10.

Shrushti Web Solution - A Leading SEO Service Provider

It is not an easy task to ruled over the search engines and getting good search engine rankings. When you are search for the keywords you are targeting you will see the leading website in the rankings. All you need to do it you have to do well than your competitors. And there is where SEO comes in picture.

Your task is not finish by just adding Meta tags to pages and submitting to your site to million of search engines and directories. Its a step by step long term procedure.

  • The first step is to analysis the first page search engine results.
  • The Second step is to make content-rich site.
  • Third is the proper submission of your great website to search engines and directories
Most of the sites skip these stages as its too complex, but without competent search engine optimization strategy you wont get the position. Its all about search engine ranking and placement methodologies to follow in order to get higher position for the desired keywords.

To get Top 10 ranking, the website have to be effectively placed in human compiled Directories where real people look at your website, evaluate it and add you website to the index and crawler based Search Engines having automated systems that evaluate the title, meta tags, headlines, body text, internal as well as external links, URLs, ALT tags, etc. The techniques used to achieve ranking in search engine is completely different from those with the directories.

Major Directories are Yahoo!, Dmoz, Looksmart, while important Search Engines include Google, MSN, AOL, Inktomi, Altavista, Overture, Hotbot, Lycos, Alltheweb, etc.

To achieve the top 10 position in both Directories and Search Engines, the website have to be effectively optimized and submitted and that is where our SEO services gains importance.

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