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Search engine positioning will improve the positioning of your website in major search engines without implementing any black hat SEO techniques. It will help you in gaining placement and achieving long term business success over the internet.

Below explain are the aspects includes in Search engine positioning:

Defining your business:
Defining your business is of vital importance in any search engine marketing campaign. A successful optimization campaign starts with defining the business to its ultimate users i.e. visitors. It includes a list of your key services and client.

Set Goals:
Before you implementing any marketing campaign, Online of Offline, you should have a very clear idea about what you hope to achieve. In short setting your business goals. A business goal may be anything; It may be increasing site's traffic, enquiries, leads of generating sales.

Interpret your business into key phrases:
Choosing the keywords is significant in every optimization campaign. The aim of keyword research is to accurately know the search phrases on which we are likely to be searched by our potential users. You can do so by making a list of key phrases key words that reflects the products and service which you are providing. Also try to make differentiate it from your competitors, which enable you to get the position over the competition.

Website Structure:
Your website must be made in such a manner that each and every page of your website should be reachable by visitors and crawlers/spiders/bots at a distance of two clicks from your home page. Separate your content in to clearly defined pages and sections which helps your site in representing your site's theme. Also add a site map to your site with links to every page. If possible register a country specific domain for the benefit of overseas users.

Search engine friendly pages:
This aspect of search engine positioning will guides about the designing of your page, specifically intended to increase the likeliness of the pages being relevant for the search phrase. It will show you how to make your page SEO friendly that it makes for search engine spiders to crawl, index and rank that page for particular search term. Here is the Guideline:
  • Place your primary key phrase in you TITLE tag
  • Write your description in such a way that it includes a short summary of your web page and your important keywords
  • Use the variety of keywords on which you would like to be found by your visitors.
  • Add your Keyword in Heading at the Top of the page.
  • Add your major keyword in to first 200 words of your body content.
  • Write your content that echoes your title, description and keywords
  • Use simple text to link other pages.
  • Use external Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
Search engines and Directory submission:
After finishing on page SEO, it's now time to do some off page SEO i.e. to increase your site's link popularity. You can do so by submitting your website to search engines and free web directories. But before you start submitting your site be sure that the Title and Description of your website reflect your most important search terms and conveying the right impression of your site.

Get your site linked from other site:
Find out other websites that offer complementary services which are likely to be found interested for the users of your website like with them and invite them to reciprocate.

Monitoring the results:
Check for the results on major search engines for the most important search phrases for which you have optimized your website. Measure your site coverage on different search engines i.e. the number of pages crawled and indexed by search engines.
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