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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing
involves a process of marketing a website on search engines. This includes keywords research, competition analysis, submission, optimization, managing listings, Pay Per Click advertising and more. These means that search engine marketing is not just about right submission, proper optimization or obtaining good rank for particular term. It is about enhancing your website interaction with search engines so that the audience you seek can find you.

Search Engine Marketing is an effective marketing tool for smaller business to be found on most popular search websites and portals. It helps built brand name on a broader platform at an affordable cost.

For the effective Search Engine Marketing of your website Contact Us. We'll come back to you with an Initial SEO Report and Findings for your website.

Need For Search Engine Marketing :

When the Internet was introduced, there were very few consumers comes to internet for getting information related to their interest. But now a days the scope of internet has developed vastly and it provides lots of information and material to all topics. Users of all kinds can access this information with the help of search engines, which gives you the perfect information related to the topic you are searching for. Presently there are numbers of search engines but major are Google, Yahoo and MSN. They all have their own databases and algorithms for finding the information. When users come to the internet and type keywords, They will match the query with their databases and display the results. So search engine marketing is required to get your site rank well on your desired search term in major search engines.

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The Process Of Search Engine Marketing Includes The Followings.

1. Keywords Research 2. Competition Analysis 3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Search Engine Submission 5. Search Engine Ranking 6. Search Engine Positioning
7. Monitoring and Tracking 8. Pricing and Packages 9. Search Engine Promotion
10. Why Search Engine Marketing 11. Marketing Service 12. Pay Per Click Management
13. Mirror Site Development    

  The scope of our Search Engine Marketing Services includes:

1. Analysis
Business specific key phrases analysis:
We are doing extensive research for selecting relevant key phrases through which a potential searcher can find and use the site to generate qualified sales lead. Normally, these are the 30 to 40 phrases used by searchers in past on major search engines to locate specific services/products.

Competition analysis on targeted key phrases at major search engines: Competition analysis of selected phrases on major search engines and directories for top 20 listings. We are taking into consideration phrases count in past 60 days and current competition for each phrase.

Suitability testing: It is a logical and technical suitability testing of phrases selected for the site. It means that whether selected phrases are relevant or not for specific business.

2. Optimization
Evaluation of web presence: It is the first step of optimization process in which we are evaluating your web presence (web site) for overall optimization. Overall evaluation includes priority selection of phrases, navigation and page view etc.

Deciding pages to be optimized: Based on the content of the pages we decide key phrases accommodation. Generally most important pages of the site should be optimized. (i.e. home page product or service page)

Placement of key phrases through out web site: Placement of phrases in META tags like title, description, keyword, classification, summary, link text, content of the page, file names etc.


Writing effective META tags: Writing effective META tags considering behavior of major search engines and directories. META tags includes customize title, description and keyword tags for all important page

Insertion of META tags on various pages: Documents consisting of META tags that has to be inserted on each page by the website designer shall be send.

* WORD document consisting of META tags of all pages.
* HTML page (if required) consisting of Style Sheet wherever applicable.

3. Checking
Check point testing of optimization: It is required to check all optimized pages considering search engine theme, proximity, density, count and competition. We also check optimized pages as per requirement of major search engine’s spider.
4. Submission
Manual submission to major search engines and directories: All non-paid submission to major search engines and directories. We also perform paid submission to Yahoo, Looksmart, Altavista and Inktomi (the cost of submission would be as actuals borne by the client), only if requested.

5. Monitoring and Fine Tuning
. Search engine positioning reporting: Monthly search positioning reports for all phrases on major engines and directories where results are expected as mentioned above. It means that we will provide you monthly positioning report for your site.

. Fine-tuning of optimized pages: If required, we will fine tune optimization to achieve desire positions on targeted key phrases.

. Reconsideration of key phrases: If required, we will reconsider list of phrases. It is required to reconsider phrases as competition increases and position goes down.

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