Why Choose Wild Space ?

We are a boutique travel company, specialising in unique wildlife adventures and amazing wild spaces.  We have hand-picked the world's best wildlife experiences just for you.  We plan, design & recommend each of our unique, tailor-made adventures just for you.


Taking you to the best wildlife areas.
Giving you authentic & amazing experiences.
Far flung destinations with safety & comfort always in mind. 

Creating memories for a lifetime.


Join the Wild Space family... and explore our Wild World.


About Us

We started life as "Conservation Safaris", focussed solely on the best wildlife adventures in Africa.  Over the years, our loyal, repeat guests kept asking us to add new wildlife destinations around the world, so that they could continue to travel with us.  One day in late July, two of us were sitting in the Masai Mara in Kenya, watching the amazing spectacle of thousands of wildebeest crossing the Mara River, when we decided that we should bring more of the world's most spectacular natural experiences to our guests.  And so Wild Space was born!


Our ethos as a company has carried on from our beginnings as Conservation Safaris: to give our guests the most amazing wildlife & nature experiences in a fun & safe environment, whilst continuing to support conservation projects that help safeguard our world's most precious Wild Spaces.


Detail is important to us, as is conveying what we as a company represent.  That's why we chose ancient symbols used by tribes through the centuries to be part of our logo.  The Maasai tribe of East Africa use circles in a circle to represent unity within a community, the waves represent our natural environment, and the paws represent the wildlife.  Putting these symbols together, we are a company that believes in bringing together and sharing our wildlife & natural heritage with our global communities.


Why Us

We  have lived in, or travelled extensively in the places that we promote.

We don't just race around lodges for one week a year & then call ourselves an expert!  We get to know the places, the wildlife & the people intimately, which means you get the best of our insider knowledge for planning your great adventure.


Your safety & comfort is our priority.  

We have full, in-country back up & support for those inevitable times when things don't go quite to plan (eg. a cancelled or missed flight).  This means we can provide the logistical back up to get your holiday back on track with minimal fuss.


We have over 20 years of experience planning, designing & taking guests on wildlife adventures. 

We look after you every step of the way from planning to coming back home from your adventure - so you have an enjoyable and stress free holiday from start to finish.


You have your own personal Travel Consultant - you're never just a number to us. 

Your Consultant will work closely with you to understand your personal needs - because only then can they plan & organise your perfect adventure.  Or, you can just give us your broad brief, and we'll come up with the best ideas for you.


We are independent from hotel chains or group associations.

So, we don't just fit you into a standard route march or circuit.  Instead, we offer the best, unbiased advice on when & where to go, based on your personal interests, needs & style of travel.


We recommend accommodation in each location to match your preferences, not ours.

This means we'll find you something to suit, whether you want totally wild, or totally luxurious - and anything in between!  We also select accommodation in the best locations within any given park or region based on season & wildlife movements so you don't have to drive for hours to get to the main event.


We don't just sell you a package and forget about the little details.  

Small things like missed airport transfers, a missed lunch here or a dinner there can make a big impact on the enjoyment of your holiday, especially in developing countries where alternatives can often be difficult to arrange.  Our processes are very detailed - we think of everything so you don't have to! 


We tell you clearly what's included & what's not - no hidden extra costs along the way.  

Isn't it annoying when you think you have a great vacation at a great price, then later discover the hidden extras that are essential to the holiday, such as internal flights & conservation/ park fees?  No hidden extras with us - guaranteed!


We are passionate about, and support, wildlife conservation & community development.  

See our Conservation and Social Responsibility tabs for more information about what we do.


Our People

We come from Australia, the UK and the USA, and are constantly looking for the next big adventure to share with you.  Horse Riding with Giraffe... done it!  Diving with Tiger Sharks... Wow! Walking in the Outback... come and join us!


At Wild Space, you are looked after by a group of professionals, who are passionate travellers that love exploring our world's wild places, and have been doing so for over 40 years.  We come from all walks of life, including the tourism industry, corporate banking, corporate IT, and wildlife conservation.


We came from a diverse range of backgrounds, including Photography, before joining Wild Space, our common thread being our love of nature.  Importantly, one of our Directors is a professional Wildlife Biologist & Conservationist who keeps us all focussed on the very best wildlife & wilderness places in the world.


Our combined expertise, and life experience gives us a unique perspective on wildlife & wilderness travel... which we share with you, our valued guests, on your Wild Space Adventure!



We believe that a strong conservation focus today is essential if our world's Wild Spaces are to survive into the future. That is why we support conservation in the field, to safeguard these precious areas through both wildlife-focussed conservation, and community-based education & sustainable development.


By choosing to travel with us, you will see and learn about our world's unique wildlife, and at the same time you will be making a difference by helping us support wildlife conservation.


Read more about our conservation ethos, conservation projects we support, and our future plans.


One Planet, One Home, Our Shared Responsibility.


Social Responsibility

We believe every company should act as a socially responsible citizen in each of the environments within which they operate.  We take our social responsibility seriously.


We use in-country partners rather than overseas agencies for your in-country logistics & support.


Local guides & local staff as far as possible in each country to empower the country's local people & economies.


We offer, & encourage you to use authentic, low impact accommodation - this doesn't mean it's of poor quality, as these are often the best camps & lodges within the country!


Our philosophy is to do the right thing...


... by you, our valued guests.

... by the local people, by working with those who treat their staff fairly & equitably.

... by choosing accommodation that has a commitment to green principals.

... by supporting local enterprises that support conservation & protection of the environment.


We do have one other philosophy...


Have Fun. :)


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