Explorer Expeditions

Join us on one of Explorer Expeditions - we have a limited number of spaces available on each expedition, and every expedition is led by at least one of our Directors, experienced in adventure expeditions.

Explorer Expeditions

We have a limited number of Explorer Expeditions each year, giving you a chance to experience some truly unique and out of the way places with the comfort & security of having one of our Directors along with you.  Group sizes are small, ranging from just four guests, up to ten guests, depending on the specific expedition and level of complexity involved.


Our Explorer Expeditions include comfortable expeditions to exciting, often pioneering, areas - these expeditions are open to any reasonably fit person with a sense of adventure.  At the other end of the spectrum, our adventure expeditions are only for those who want to go beyond their comfort zone - they are definitely not for everyone.  Minimum age is 18 on all expeditions.


Below are the Explorer Expeditions we currently have on offer, as well as some that are 'coming soon'.


The Kalahari Desert, Botswana - Feb/ March 2014

Location:   Botswana, in Southern Africa
Duration:   7 days
The Plan:   Arrive in Botswana, pick up your 4wd vehicle, get to know it - then drive into the Kalahari desert! 
Accommodation:   Mix of bush camping & safari camps/ lodges


This is an adventurous, tag-along expedition, where you will drive your very own 4wd vehicle (usually Land Rover or Land Cruiser) into the Kalahari Desert.  The drive probably won't always go to plan, and you probably will get stuck driving through thick sand - but there will be at least one other vehicle with you to help get you out!  We will have the necessary equipment, including electric winches, sand ladders and shovels.  Previous 4wd experience not necessary but is preferred - willingness to help dig vehicles out, and a sense of humour are both essential. 


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Gorillas, Chimpanzees & the Big 5, Uganda - October 2014

Location:   Uganda, in East Africa
Duration:   14 days
The Plan:   Arrive in Uganda, then set off on your adventure to trek with chimpanzees, gorillas, and see the Big 5.
Accommodation:   Mix of luxury safari camps and lodges


This is a comfortable expedition, focussed on the best of Africa: 'normal' African widlife, as well as Africa's primates, most notably chimpanzees & gorillas.  This expedition does require a good level of fitness, as you will be trekking/ hiking into the forest on multiple days in search of chimpanzees or gorillas.  It could take just an hour, or several hours, to find them, so you need to be able to hike on uneven ground at a moderate pace.  This is one of the best expeditions to give you an overall feel for Africa's Wild Spaces.


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Rainforest & reef, Borneo, Malaysia - coming soon, register your interest

Location:   Island of Borneo, Malaysia, Asia
Duration:   7 - 10 days
The Plan:    Arrive in Borneo, then set off in search of orangutans, pygmy elephants... and colourful fish!
Accommodation:   Mix of safari and beach camps/ lodges


This will be a comfortable expedition.  You will require a basic level of fitness to walk through the jungle in search of its wildlife, and enjoy snorkelling the waters off Borneo.  The expedition will focus on the endangered orangutans, as well as pygmy elephants, that call Borneo's forests home.  The oceans off Borneo are part of the famous Coral Triangle, a zone that contains the world's highest biodiversity of coral species, over 2000 species of reef fish, and is home to six species of turtles.


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Lowland gorillas, forest elephants & steaming jungles, Congo (Brazzaville) - coming soon, register your interest

Location:   Congo (Brazzaville), in Central Africa
Duration:   7 - 10 days
The Plan:   Arrive in Congo, Brazzaville, then fly deep into the jungle; a hidden oasis rich in wildlife
Accommodation:   Luxury safari camps


This will be a reasonably comfortable, pioneering expedition into Africa's Eden.  The expedition wil go in search of lowland gorillas, and the bais (natural forest openings) made famous by David Attenborough's Planet Earth documentary.  The bais are visited by a variety of wildlife, including lowland gorillas, forest elephants, forest buffalos and bongo antelopes.
The accommodation will be of a high and very comfortable standard.  However, you will be in the remote jungles of central Africa - you will need to be comfortable with the heat & humidity of this environment, as well as with trekking through the forest to the gorilla viewing areas.  Although Congo, Brazzaville has a relatively stable government, this region of Africa is not known for its political stability - so you need to be comfortable with venturing into this region.


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Pyramids, camels & the Sahara desert, Sudan (north) - coming soon, register your interest

Location:   Sudan (north), in north-eastern Africa
Duration:   10 days
The Plan:   Arrive in Sudan, then head off into the stark & beautiful desert landscape in search of pyramids
Accommodation:   Simple safari camps, with possibility for wild camping


This is an adventurous expedition in the deserts of remote north-eastern Africa, staying in simple safari camps/ lodges (en-suite) and perhaps even with some wild camping thrown in.  The highlights of this expedition will be the Meroe Pyramids, camel trekking, and the experiencing the sheer imensity of the Sahara Desert.  A possible extension to this trip will be a week of scuba diving in the Red Sea from a liveaboard vessel, cruising the pristine waters off Sudan (north).  This expedition is for the adventurous, who enjoy venturing into relatively unvisited and unchartered territory.


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