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E mail Marketing

The term email marketing is a from of direct marketing use emails as a means of communication. This communication is in terms of commercial or fundraising messages to the target audience. In its broadest sense, each and every email send to the potential customers could be considered as e-mail marketing.

In general, its a practice of sending sales promotional letters or newsletters by email. Some people thinks its a irritating, while for some businesses its a cost effective marketing tool. Emails are usually effective than printed mails, because a reader can click on the link given and directly redirected to the sender's web site.

However, the term usually used to refer:
  • Send e-mail messages for the purpose to increase the relations of merchants and clients which in turns increase the customer loyalty and repeat ness.
  • E-mails has also been send to acquire the new customers or convincing the old customers to buys something immediately.
  • Adding advertisements in e-mails sent by other companies to their customers.
  • To let the customers know what you have added recently in your products or services.
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